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Blogger || Content Writer || Botanist || Learner I studies BSc in Botany at University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Botany is the mother subject of life science. It covers a wide range of topics including Microbiology, Biochemistry, Plant Breeding, Cytogenetics Ecology and Environment, Plant Genetics Engineering, Biotechnology,Water Biology, Phycology,Mycology, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology, Ecology, etc. Botany is my favourite Subject. I've a dream to be a Botanist and work for my country. I want to get Higher Education in Botany and so I'm eagerly looking forward to get a scholarship in a renowned Plant Science related University so that I can get higher education in this subject and after that I can play a great role in my countries development. I also want to do research in Botany. I'm interested to •Identifying, classifying, recording and monitoring plant species and biodiversity •Ecological consultancy work, including surveys and environmental impact assessments •Searching for new species studying the effects of pollution on plant life •Identifying and purifying chemicals produced by plants for use in products like drugs, food, fabrics, solvents and building materials •Presenting research results in journals, books and at academic conferences I'm a learner. Learning is always interesting for me, I always

From Bangladesh, ঢাকা, ঢাকা

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7 July, 1999






Student, Student


Gawair Adarsha High School

Gawair Adarsha High School

1 January, 2011 to 31 December, 2016

University of Chittagong

1 January, 2020 to Present




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