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Top 20 Trends To Influence Web Development Domain In 2019

The thriving web world has over 1.8B websites and less than 200 million active websites to date. Every day hundreds of thousands of new websites are added to intensify the competition.

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If you want to make your business website noticeable among all the active websites, you need to implement innovative ideas and follow the development trends. It is inevitable for the web developers to keep future trends in mind while developing an enterprise-grade website.

After a lot of brainstorming, we have gathered the most precise predictions about the web development trends for 2019 and beyond.

Here we mention top 20 futuristic trends as a gist of collective thoughts of our experienced web developers:

1. AMP Is A New Norm

2. The Arrival Of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

3. Chatbots Rock

4. Push Notifications Prevail

5. Static Websites Do Not Go Anywhere

6. RAIL Concept On The Rise

7. Motion UI Is Ready To Reign

8. Browser Extensions Will Be More Popular

9. VR And AR

10. Single Page Applications (SPAs) Will Thrive

Now, Let’s Go Through The Latest Web Development Trends Related To Futuristic Or Emerging Technologies:

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